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About Jorin Yoga


Hi, I'm Jorinde. I grew up in the Zaanstreek, a municipality near Amsterdam. Nowadays, I call Zandvoort my home, where I can enjoy the sea and the dunes and live a joyful life surrounded by my family and friends.

In 2019, a sudden back injury left me in constant pain and eventually led to a diagnosis of chronic rheumatism. This unexpected turn forced me to reevaluate my lifestyle and find new ways to manage my condition.

That's when I discovered yoga and qigong. These practices transformed my life, helping me feel progressively better both physically and mentally. Inspired by this positive change, I decided to dive deeper into yoga. In 2022, I completed my training as a Hatha and Vinyasa yoga instructor. In February 2023, I traveled to India to further enhance my skills, achieving my 500-hour yoga instructor certification.

Now, I am excited to share my journey and knowledge with you. Many people tell me they can't do yoga because they're not flexible enough. But yoga is for everyone, offering benefits that go far beyond physical flexibility. It has brought balance to my body and mind, and I am passionate about helping my students find that same harmony.

I look forward to practicing with you soon!


All the love,



My yoga journey

The 200 hours yoga teacher training in Spain
8582787b-0f2b-4558-91d5-bfddcce8880b (1).JPG
The opening ceremony at the 300 hours teacher training in India
Doing some beach yoga
So happy with our certification!
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