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About Jorin Yoga


I am Jorinde and I grew up in the Zaanstreek, a municipality next to Amsterdam. Nowadays, I live in Amsterdam, where I live a happy life with my family and friends. In 2019 a sudden injury in my back meant I could no longer walk without pain, it became clear that I suffer from chronic rheumatism. At that time, I completed my Master's degree in journalism. The failure of my body forced me to change my lifestyle habits. I discovered yoga and qiqong and started feeling better and better about myself. In 2022 I trained as a Hatha and Vinyasa yoga instructor and in February 2023 I went to India to further expand my yoga certification. Now I am trained as a 500-hour yoga instructor and I can't wait to share my experiences and knowledge. I always hear many people say, I can't do yoga because I am not limber enough. Yoga is for everyone and yoga can give you so much more than just a limber body. Yoga has made my body and mind more balanced and I love sharing that with my students. 

Hope to see you soon!





My yoga journey

The 200 hours yoga teacher training in Spain
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The opening ceremony at the 300 hours teacher training in India
Doing some beach yoga
So happy with our certification!
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