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Welcome to Jorin Yoga,

My name is Jorinde and I teach Hatha yoga and meditation classes. When I was dealing with severe rheumatism in 2019, I decided to change course and started doing different movement exercises. Nowadays, I immerse myself in Hatha and Yin yoga, Chinese qiqong and meditation. Whereas yoga is seen as a way to work out your body in the west, it is so much more than that. Yoga and other forms of body movements like qiqong can have healing effects on your body, mind and soul. Yoga and qiqong helped me to feel healthier than I have ever felt, and I am pleased to share my knowledge with my students. 

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Start your own yoga and meditation experience

Expect classes which can help your body and mind feel more energised, balanced, fit and relaxed

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Hatha Yoga

The “forceful path.” Ha is translated to the
Sun, and Tha, to the Moon. One goal of
Hatha Yoga is to balance the sun and
moon energy in the body.


Where to find me

You can find me in Amsterdam, Zaandam and Wijk aan Zee. I also provide classes at home for private clïents.

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