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Guiding your way to self-healing

About Section
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This is my journey

Hi there, I'm Jorinde, a dedicated yoga teacher with a clear goal: to help people feel as good as possible in their own bodies. My mission was born out of my own personal journey toward self-healing, which began in 2019 when a rheumatoid rash left me unable to walk. I did not want to depend on medication, so I chose an alternative path. Carefully, I began movement exercises from the Chinese movement theory qigong and yin yoga. I changed my diet and lifestyle and discovered how to reconnect with my body and mind.

These forms of movement both focus on balancing body and mind and have made me feel fitter and healthier than ever before. This has inspired me to share my knowledge and experience through yoga and meditation classes.

Yoga is often seen as a sport in the West, mainly focused on developing flexibility. But it is so much more than that. Yoga encompasses many aspects and offers the opportunity to heal both body and mind. It is not just about achieving extreme poses, but about experiencing the connection between body and mind.

I want to guide you finding your own path to self-healing by exploring the connection between body and mind, and yoga is a very powerfull tool to use. The fact that it also makes you fit and limber is just a nice bonus! ;)


I hope to see you soon

All the love,


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A therapeutic view of yoga

Why self-healing?

As a yoga and meditation instructor, I'd love to assist you in finding your own path to healing your body and mind. Having experienced firsthand how challenging it can be to lose trust in your body and mind, I'm eager to share the transformative power of yoga with you. In my classes, I'll introduce you to your breath, ways to balance energy in your body and mind, and exercises to strengthen muscles that enhance your posture. Through this, I provide you with the tools to embark on your own journey of self-healing.

The idea of "healing" your body might imply that it must be "broken" first, but that's not the case at all. I firmly believe that my style of yoga can benefit everyone. It can bring peace to your mind, offer a more flexible and resilient body, and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

One-on-one guided sessions

Every person is unique, and we all have our own story. To best support your path to self-healing, I offer one-on-one guidance. This way, I can personally tailor the yoga postures and meditation practices to meet your specific needs. Whether it's to achieve greater relaxation, improve your posture, or address physical or psychological challenges, I am here to guide you in a personalized manner.

I see yoga as a powerful tool for healing, unlocking its potential to bring relief to those struggling with chronic pain conditions. From rheumatism and back pain to muscle soreness and scoliosis, yoga can offer a path to physical ease. Yet, the benefits extend beyond the body, addressing concerns like chronic stress and depression. Yoga not only eases muscle tension but also calms the mind. This ensures that yoga is good for everyone regardless of their health. ​With so many different ways and postures to bring your body into balance, there is almost always a suitable form of yoga for you. During an intake interview, we can figure out together what you need.

Did you know that recent Harvard research has confirmed the transformative effects of mindfulness on the brain? The power of yoga is so beautifull and I'm happy to share it with you.

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Hatha Yoga

The “forceful path.” Ha is translated to the
Sun, and Tha, to the Moon. One goal of
Hatha Yoga is to balance the sun and
moon energy in the body.


Start your own yoga and meditation experience

Expect classes which can help your body and mind feel more energised, balanced, fit and relaxed

Where to find me

You can find me on Instagram @jorinyoga. Follow me to see my journey.

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